About Us

About Bud’s Family Resource Centre

Buds Family Resource Centre is located in the north Kerry village of Ballyduff. At Bud’s there is always an array of different activities which means there is always somebody around to pop in and have a chat with! Bud’s operates primarily as a family and community resource centre but there is a lot more to Buds! 

Operating within Bud’s is “Buddies” a child-care facility which is a major boost to the social, educational and economic life of the village. There is also a large internet cafe at Bud’s which is put to use by the general public for all manner of uses.

You can also drop into the Coast Road Cafe which serves fresh food daily to the local community and anyone else who wants to drop in! Bud’s is now the hub of a busy community with many group meetings hosted by Bud’s and it is a vital part of a vibrant growing community looking to make positive changes to Ballyduff and North Kerry as a whole.

It was a long wait but with much hard work, frustration and determination on the part of all those who have worked to see Bud’s open it’s doors and their dream come true.

We had a Dream!

Bud’s started back in year 2000 with an idea, a dream, a goal, a purpose and meeting a need. More importantly it was a commitment and promise to the community, that this project would bring about change for the better. It was also an investment in all our futures. Our Vision Statement that was made back in 2001 on behalf of the Board of Management (which consisted of local representatives from interested groups / individuals) to the Community of Ballyduff and catchment area was as follows:

“We the Management Committee of Ballyduff Family Community & Resource Centre aim to work with the community to identify and meet ongoing needs within a friendly, safe and supportive environment so that our community will be a better place to live for all. The ethos of the Ballyduff Family & Community Resource Centre will be based on the principals of respect, equality and inclusion”.

Our Objectives were

  • To establish a centrally located and accessible Family and Community Resource Centre.
  • To establish an “Internet,Youth & Community Café and computer training facility within the centre which will provide a social centre for youth and for other community members during school hours.
  • To promote and provide health education activities, personal and social skills training and educational support for children, youth and adults.
  • To provide a quality community based childcare programme, including a crèche facility, before and after school care and early childhood programme.
  • To promote and encourage the setting up and development of self-help groups.

Today it is a reality!  Over the years  so many people have supported , believed and worked hard to keep this dream alive and for that we are forever greatful.

“Coming together is a beginning, Staying together is progress and working together is success”

Henry Ford

Bud’s Centre is part of a national organisation called Family Resource Centre National Forum.

There are 108 communities supported through the Child and Family Agency’s Family and Community Services Resource Centre Programme providing services and supports to local communities. Through its established network of 106 Centres nationwide, and two outreach Centres, the FRC programme is Ireland’s largest family support programme delivering universal services to families in disadvantaged areas across the country based on a life-cycle approach.

Bud’s Centre is run by a Voluntary Board of Management representing and working on behalf of Ballyduff and the surrounding catchment area. Work Force started off with 1 Part time Worker in 2001. Today the current Work Force consists of 35 Staff made up Full & Part time Workers. Also over 20 Volunteers work in various departments throughout the centre.