Bud’s History

How did Bud’s get its name

In 2003, it was decided to name the new proposed Family & Community Centre for Ballyduff. Our building we purchased was once formally owned by locals Jim (Bud) and Peggy O’ Neill and their family as a commercial business and residential home known locally as Bud’s. At the time a member of the Board of Management Bob Scott was designing a poster to advertise the 1st ever event to be held in the new centre (the event being held was by the Active Retirement Group and it would soon become their annual fundraising Alzheimer tea party) He designed the poster naming it as “Bud’s”.

Bob was asked why he thought of naming the centre Bud’s and as always Bob replied in a very logical manner.
Well Firstly, the business was already known locally as Bud’s and secondly there are many appropriate meanings associated with the word of Bud’s. Meanings like; New beginnings, developing, growing, potential, friendship, partnership, supportive, familiarity and good-will
All these words would bring out the spirit of what we were trying to achieve for the community in Ballyduff.

 After discussing the name and the rationale for choosing it, the committee agreed and Jim (Bud) consented to us using it . Alas,Bud’s FRC was born! So, there you have it that’s how Bud’s acquired its name making it Distinctive, Exclusive, Exceptional and Unique to the Ballyduff and the Community it works for.

We won’t always know whose lives we touched and made better for having cared, because actions can sometimes go unnoticed and even forgotten. What is more important is that we cared and did our best at that time.

Bud’s Motto

“Whatever we did, it was always for you”

Perhaps we helped in some small way, to guide you on the right way.

Perhaps we cared, even giving a hug, or holding your hand to show our love and support.

 Perhaps we listened and sat by your-side to share a cup of tea or even to share a joke.

Whatever we did, it was always for you.

Don’t forget where we are, the door is always open,

the kettle is always on, just come in and settle down.

Our Work is Never Done.