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Being a Parent can be challenging, especially in the world we live in today. Sometimes parents, grandparents, foster or adoptive parents as well as primary caregivers need a little help; whether it is advice, encouragement or a listening ear.

It goes without saying that happy parents leads to happy parenting and we are happy to help wherever we can. We provide a one to one service which is of course a confidential safe space to discuss and help with any temporary issues or phases you might be meeting as a parent or caregiver. We listen to concerns b it a parenting concern or a child’s behavior concern. We provide advise, information, advocacy and support.

This can be a once off appointment, weekly sessions for a month or even a long term plan, possibly leading on to a Meitheal process. We are confident in our ability and experience in dealing with all issues affecting the family home. All programmes offered will be to suit the presenting issue.

The programmes can be delivered to Moms alone, Dads alone, both parents separately or together, grandparents, care givers or a combination of all those involved with the children. All Programmes can be delivered in a group setting or stand-alone Parent and support worker option.

Support to Families and Individuals

We are poud to have an in-house Parent/Family Support Worker who is professional, qualified and experienced. A Parent & Family Support Worker offers and gives support to all parents, single, married, divorced; moms, dads, foster, or adoptive parents. She provides

  • One to one support for any parenting issues, worries or concerns
  • Group parenting programmes
  • Play Therapy
  • A Listening Ear

For more information or to book an appointment please ring Liz. 066-7148883

We also run Information and training programmes that help parents and caregivers deal with certain issues or behavioural issue they may come across as a parent. These are group run programmes and both parents and children will benefit from managing and resolving discipline issues, creating enjoyable and satisfying family relationships and assisting and supporting children in reaching their full potential. 

Some of the programmes we run are:

  • Positive Parenting Programme
  • Parent Plus 0-6 Programme
  • Parent Plus 6 -11 Programme
  • Parent Plus Teens Programme
  • Parenting when Separated Programme
  • Incredible Years Programme 
  • Rainbows  Supporting Children with Bereavement and Parental Separation
  • Play Therapy

“Family support is both a way of working and a set of activities that provides information, advice and assistance to parents and carers about bringing up their children, so that these children will reach their full potential.”

Child & Family Agency,

Play Therapist

We are also very fortunate to have a qualified Play Therapist as part of our team who provides professional Play Therapy. Play therapy is a form of therapy used primarily for children. That’s because children may not be able to process their own emotions or articulate problems to parents or other adults. While it may look like an ordinary playtime, play therapy can be much more than that. A trained therapist can use playtime to observe and gain insights into a child’s problems. The therapist can then help the child explore emotions and deal with unresolved trauma. Through play, children can learn new coping mechanisms and how to redirect inappropriate behaviors.